Manage Workforce and Project Time in the cloud

Our Timesheet software offers an online tracking tool to improve your organisation’s time management. Managing timesheets for any size of business or organisation, CloudCube provides a time management tool that can pinpoint exactly where time is being invested in your organisation. As a result, you’ll have more time and energy to tackle issues that actually require attention. In fact, timesheet data can also help you get much better insight into the working process. It’s easier than ever to keep all facets of projects in perspective. Data provided by timesheets will also makes it much easier to plan your next steps. Employees are empowered to use our online timesheet solution to complete and submit their working hours remotely using Self Service. The data is instantly accessible to their managers once submitted creating a transparency between manager and employees. No more chasing by phone, fax or email or waiting for posted timesheets to arrive. CloudCube provides you with a secure and reliable system that will improve company efficiency and increase employee productivity while driving down the cost of administration.

Automated Timesheets

Employees can create and submit their dedicated time management records online anywhere, anytime, anyplace

Online Approval

Line managers can review, approve or reject timesheets from the online management portal

Smartflow Approvals

Line Managers receive automatic notification of employee timesheet submissions. An employee is informed via smartflow if their timesheet has been approved or rejected or if they have an overdue submission

Project Time

Employees can be added as resources from within a project or task and this will automatically appear in the list of options for them to log time against

Value Of Time

Real-time information at your fingertips that delivers granular details of clients and tasks to see what’s making you money and what’s holding you back.

Time Dashboards

Intuitive dashboards can be used to view time and cost across the organisation. They can be easily configured to focus on specific projects and teams or a wider view of full departments

Resource Management

Track your time against current projects, and view the efforts expended and the costs incurred by your resources

Automated Reporting

Real-time reporting that can be customised configured & automatically sent to emails using Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Recharable Time

CloudCube allows managers and employees to create rate cards for certain projects or tasks – this then allows their time to be booked against rechargeable clients or projects


Online security is always a concern. However, one of the key benefits of cloud computing is that “security is actually increased when using cloud solutions due to strict ISO security standards that cloud providers must adhere to, in addition to the regular security audits


CloudCube provides the right amount of transparency to help organisations build client trust, keep projects under budget, and get paid on time.