Smartflow is the automating engine that lies at the heart of CloudCube.

Each module uses Smartflow to drive intelligent efficiency as you use CloudCube to manage your organisation.

The value of your time is maximised using Smartflow. Your organisation is proactive, with live data being monitored, updated and distributed through a combination of workflow based communication channels. Smartflow scans CloudCube twenty four hours a day which enabling you to concentrate on core business activities that cannot be delivered by technology such as engagement with clients, collaboration and innovation. Smartflow delivers a customised, automated service which provides your organisation with a sophisticated level of integration and control.


Whenever an addition, deletion or amendment is made to the data in your system, a Smartflow event will be triggered. For example, adding an employee to your system could intelligently trigger emails to IT, Finance and Security, automatically informing them of the actions they need to take.


In the background, the scan engine is sweeping across your information looking for items that meet the criteria as defined in your scan. When an item is identified, this will trigger Smartflow events – looking for overdue milestones, checking for open absences or seeking out approved but unpaid expenses, for instance.


Reminders can be set up to notify you about items in your system that are date sensitive, from prompting you to respond to a request, to warnings about expiring items or simply to notify you about upcoming tasks.