Self Service management in the cloud

Our Self Service module fully integrates with all modules in CloudCube, meaning that it will generate automatic workflow to reduce the manual approval process. Self Service provides users with their own portal to manage key information and the management control to decide what features and data each staff member can access. Allowing the management team to spread the workload across the company, providing transparency for staff whilst also empowering them.

Employee Details

Employees can manage and update their own details including, contact information, next of kin, bank details and health records.

Employee Contracts

Employment contracts including holiday entitlement, salary grades, reporting lines are available to view and download by an employee through their Self Service portal

Holiday Management

Individuals can submit holiday requests and track approval. Holiday entitlement is automatically calculated with ‘remaining ‘ allocation updated on approval

Absence Management

Employees can view their absence history and record new absences while storing related documents such as doctor notes and back to work interview forms

Employee Performance

Employees progress through the company is available to view through our Self Service Portal. Individuals can manage and update completed objectives and training through Self Service

Employee Attributes

Employee attributes can be captured and updated by an individual to ensure organisations have the most up-to-date information available

Wiki Help

Managers can create company-wide help text to ensure compliance with company processes. Staff can create their own personalised help pages to remind them of their individual responsibilities

Personal Development

Once Personal development plans are set up by managers, employees can track the progress of development and training items completed

Holiday Time

Employees timesheets are automatically created for the holiday dates requested on approval by line manager

Disciplinary & Grievance

Disciplinary and grievance records are recorded and secure with this useful feature. Employees can track their disciplinary and grievance cases, including meeting details and evidence

Company Directory

Find your colleagues’ most up-to-date contact details instantly anywhere, anytime with our Online Company Directory gallery


Our Self Service portal allows employees to stay up-to-date with important company news and updates, ensuring they remain engaged and informed

Company FAQs

Address all company questions from on-boarding to company procedures. Employees can also ask questions via Self Service and choose whether they wish these to be published or not

Employee Benefits

Employees can see at a glance the company benefits schemes they are attached too, including all details such as policy numbers and account information

Document Library

One central repository for storing key documents securely such as contracts, fit notes, company policies and handbook

Asset Management

Employees can view an track the assets which are in their possession and ensure they are returned when they leave the organisation

Travel Management

Integrated with Self Service, individuals can submit their travel requests for approval by line manager, the details of which can be automatically set up as expense entries

Expense Management

With our online expenses, staff can enter expenses for approval through their Self Service portal and all notifications and approval processes are handled by CloudCube online

Employee To-Do Lists

Employees can create and manage their own TO-DO lists, an online way to organise how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Employees can see all of the items at a glance and prioritise what most needs to be done according to timelines and importance

Online Calendar

Our online calendar captures and displays all meetings, actions, events, in fact, it can be configured to display almost anything in CloudCube