Manage Projects in the Cloud

Presenting CloudeCube’s Portfolio, Programme & Project Management module. This module has been designed to reduce project risk, improve transparency and bring automation to project governance, allowing project teams to focus on solving project issues. Our sophisticated portfolio management capabilities allow detailed and precise benefits and costs reporting to achieve tracking of business cases and investment portfolios. This enables budgets and benefits targets to flow down to the lowest level of project planning

Portfolio Management

Plan significant investments and ensure alignment with company strategy and objectives. Use Portfolio Groups to group together associated Portfolios and see the combined financial position

Programme Management

Vertical integration with projects in execution provides real-time status (spend, benefits realised, future benefits etc.) of programmes as well as a forward view that is more accurate and informed

Project Manangement

Mange all aspects of a project from milestones, actions, plans, risks, and benefits. The built-in automation means Project managers have real-time data available at all time to make informed decisions

Risk Management

Capture all associated risks and manage consistently across your projects. Risk Managers can easily; create, assign and monitor the effectiveness of all mitigating actions and controls across your entire organisation in one centrally accessible system

Project Plans

Managers can define and organise typical project requirements, create new plans or update existing plans and upload and manage from our Project Module

Milestone Tracking

Automated and unique reporting against milestones provide an insightful forward view, including delinquency, breach, volatility, drift, and span providing early warning of potential problems, along with tracking of KPIs

Benefits Realisation

Centralised tracking of benefits realisation translates business objectives into identifiable, measurable benefits that are systematically tracked at all times and can be quickly re-calculated across multiple projects and milestones

Meeting Management

Ensures strong governance – all agreed actions are tracked – explicit ownership means people are clearly on the hook which drives timely completion of actions. Auto-generation and distribution of Meeting Minutes, stored against the Meeting to for audit purposes

Change Management

Detailed records are maintained against proposed changes to the scope, quality, delivery time, or budget of all projects and milestones. Thresholds are set against key milestones and in the event their delivery dates breach, automatically adds to the agenda/reports driving transparency and escalation

Goverance & Control

Supports decision making based on reality and not an interpretation/conscious bias/unconscious bias by PMs. Automated PowerPoint decks for Governance Meetings based on empirical data in the application (Milestones, Risks, Budgets etc.) provides Audit with evidenced-based criteria

Project Time

Employee, contractor and 3rd party resources can book and submit timesheets against Projects and Tasks they are assigned to. Auto-Creation of Invoices, based on timesheets submitted and rate cards allocated, with real-time automated reporting

Resource Management

Resource planning and allocation for programmes and projects, from overall macro level to specific needs. On-boarding of people via automated process flow to ensure each person follows the prescribed process

Project Announcements

Share important news and updates with your selected group or company-wide announcements ensuring project participants remain engaged and informed

Project FAQs

Address all project questions from on-boarding to procedures. Project participants can also ask questions via Self Service and choose whether they wish these to be published or not

Document Library

One central repository for storing key documents securely such as contracts, policies, reports ect

Asset Management

Record and track assets to manage budget and financials of a project to ensure accurate reporting at all times

Travel Management

Travel Requests can be requested and approved by line management as required. Inputs can be taken from the company finance / travel systems to ensure total costs captured – for portfolio / programme / project levels

Project Expense

Tracking of costs derived from people effort via assignment of value or rate cards to people / role. Cost allocation profiles allow expenses to be split between a Customer and Supplier. Reports produced for actuals v forecast costs, burn rate etc. for portfolio/programme/project levels

Contract Management

Breakdown a complex contract into individual schedules and clauses. Monitor a supplier’s delivery against SLAs, deliverables or obligations. Smartflow reminders can be configured to notify of upcoming obligations and milestones

Participants To-Do Lists

An online way to organise how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Employees can see all of the items at a glance and prioritise what needs to be done according to timelines and importance

Online Calendar

Our online calendar captures and displays all meetings, actions, events, in fact, it can be configured to display almost anything in CloudCube

Wiki Help

Projects Managers can create project-wide help text to ensure compliance with processes. Participants can create their own personalised help pages to remind them of their individual responsibilities


Real Time reporting that can be customised configured & output at a touch of a button to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Action Tracking

Automated workflow informs owners and assignees of upcoming and overdue actions. Action owners confirm that assignees have completed the action satisfactorily and provide evidence as appropriate