Workforce Management in the cloud

The CloudCube HR module has been designed to allow you to work smarter as you on-board and manage
your organisation’s greatest asset. Our software manages the full employment lifecycle with sophisticated
reporting and automation capability throughout.

Integrated with Self Service, your people own the maintenance of their personal information, are able to view
working documents, submit timesheets and holiday requests, self-certify their absence online, work towards their
personal objectives and more. You needn’t worry about the processes and administration around HR as these are
managed and automated: CloudCube will remind you not to forget, while giving you access to HR records from
anywhere with an internet connection.

Employee Details

Capture and manage all employee details including, contact information, next of kin bank details and health records.

Employee Contracts

Our HR application allows you to record and manage employee contracts including holiday entitlement, salary grades, reporting lines

Holiday Management

A transparent workflow system where both managers and employees are able to view holidays taken, booked or remaining allowing, for efficient workflow management

Absence Management

Employees can view their absence history and record new absences while storing related documents such as doctor notes and back to work interview forms

Employee Performance

Managers have the ability to track an employee’s progress through the company, using appraisals and scoring against objectives. Set Smartflow alerts for appraisals to ensure that they are carried out successfully

Employee Attributes

Capture employee attributes to build and manage effective workforce teams and increase the productivity.

Pre-Employment Checks

This tool assists you in conducting best practice employee background checks. Upload and store records or references made for employees, check who is cleared for what and run real-time report

Personal Development

Ensure that your top talent finds the right role in your company with personal development planning. Track development and training items completed by staff for progression.

Holiday Time

Integrated seamlessly with our Holiday Management functionality, employees Timesheets are automatically created for the holiday dates requested on approval by line manager

Maternity & Paternity

Capture and maintain maternity & paternity records. Use Smartflow to notify of start and end dates. Meeting Manager can then schedule 'back to work' meetings

Disciplinary & Grievance

Ensure your disciplinary and grievance records are accurate and secure with this useful feature. Track all employee disciplinary and grievance cases, capturing meeting details and evidence

Company Directory

Find your colleagues’ most up-to-date contact details instantly anywhere, anytime with our Online Company Directory


Share important news and updates with your selected group of employees or company-wide announcements, ensuring employees remain engaged and informed

Company FAQs

Address all company questions from on-boarding to company procedures. Employees can also ask questions via Self Service and choose whether they wish these to be published or not

Document Library

One central repository for storing key documents securely such as contracts, fit notes, company policies and company handbooks

Asset Management

Track company assets which are in an employee’s possession and ensure they are returned when they leave the organisation

Travel Management

Integrated with Self Service, your employees can input their travel requests for approval, the details of which will automatically create a draft set of expense entries

Expense Management

With our online expenses, staff can enter expenses for approval through their Self Service module and all notifications and approval processes are handled by CloudCubes' Smartflow technology

Employee Benefits

Record all company benefits schemes including policy details, user accounts ect., manage and track who and what employees are eligible for each scheme

Employee To-Do Lists

An online way to organise how to get things done quickly and efficiently. Employees can see all of the items at a glance and prioritise what most needs to be done according to timelines and importance

Online Calendar

Our online calendar captures and displays all meetings, actions, events, in fact, it can be configured to display almost anything in CloudCube

Wiki Help

Managers can create company-wide help text to ensure compliance with company processes. Staff can create their own personalised help pages to remind them of their individual responsibilities


Real Time reporting that can be customised configured & output at a touch of a button to Word, Excel and PowerPoint

Meeting Manager

Run effective meetings with our online meeting tool. Capture actions and minutes in real time while configuring Smartflow notifications and reminders to attendees