Manage your e-learning in the cloud

Campus, our e-learning module, allows you to create interactive courses, define key learning objectives and measure success through assessment. Set up courses and run exams, designing your own style of questions and answers to suit the learning needs of your workforce. Bespoke courses, surveys and exams can be built covering compliance training, pre-screening questionnaires, employee engagement surveys, onboarding and more.

Configure an exam

CloudCube allows users to create and configure bespoke exams enhancing the value of a staff training or development

Course material

Upload multiple training materials to aid and assist in the delivery of a course or exam including, pdf, word files, videos, images and powerpoint documents

E-learning courses

Develop bespoke online courses and manage and control enrolment, start, end and exploration dates plus configure exams associated with the course

Questions and answers

Our e-learning solution allows you to create and manage exam questions and answers. Users can include ‘helpful hints’, set time per question and control variables such as “allow retry’, ‘allow a pause’ and ‘randomise options’

Real-time scoring

CloudCube can send instant scoring through a series of bespoke reporting and certification templates. You can create and upload company branded reports and certification templates


Configue Smartflow to automatically send results of an exam to reporting lines in PDF, Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint formats. Branded report or certification templates can be uploaded to Cloudcube and used for reporting

Course enrolment

CloudCube allows managers to control course attendance. Once enrolled in a course the employee will receive an automated notification informing them of requirements. Thanks to Smartflow, automated reminders can also be configured to ensure course completion is not overlooked by a line manager or employee

Personal development

Integration across CloudCube allows for e-learning to easily be part of employees personal development plans and attributes. Study courses and exams can be recorded against employees performance records while grade levels and certification information can also be recorded against their attributes

Create surveys

CloudCube allows an organisation to create, manage and report on online surveys and polls, meaning valuable feedback can be ascertained directly from the people whose opinions matter most


Run all your onboarding and induction requirements using CloudCube. New employees are automatically sent notification of all training and induction materials required for completion. Smartflow notifications will inform managers on completition of onboarding

Audit reviews

Organisations can create and configure then run audit reviews using CloudCube. With real-time reporting instantly available form the reviews, management receive an unbiased view of the business allowing for informed decisions to be made

Self Service

Employees will access our e-learning functionality through their Self Service portal. From here they have access to all online course or training materials, be able to run and complete an exam anywhere and at any time. Scoring and certifications included in personal development plans and attributes are also availble