Does CloudCube deliver an Absence Management system that allows my managers and HR to control staff absence while reducing administrative time spent on tracking absence?

• CloudCube allows employees to use their own self service portal to log absences; they record the reasons for absence and upload to the system relevant documentation to certify the absence

• Managers are notified by a Smartflow of the new absence entry on the system and are prompted to discuss the absence with the employee, while reviewing the certification document

• Managers are also be prompted by Smartflow to conduct a Return to Work interview, again another platform to discuss the absence and show the employee they are in control and on top of the employee’s absence history

• In case of long-term absence, all activities taking place between the sick employee and the company (whether in the form of formal correspondence, meetings, phone conversations, etc.) are recorded to allow your managers to build a strong and fair picture of the absence situation, which will be an invaluable support in case of dismissal

• CloudCube enables you to run fit for purpose reports on absence levels by department, team, individuals and help you identify trends, causes of concerns, etc. so you can act promptly and take control of the situation

Does CloudCube offer a tool that helps me identify and develop people within my organisation, who have the potential to become the next generation of leaders?

• Succession planning is underpinned by icCloudCube attributes management – attributes are defined as the skills, technical knowledge, behaviors and characteristics that an employee should possess in order to perform a job effectively

• Open internal and external positions in the organisation are defined in terms of their required attributes (essential requirements)

• Open positions’ attributes are compared with your employees’ attributes in order to identify the closest match; you will objectively assess what employees are the best placed and best equipped to fulfill a role, based on tangible and measurable attributes

• Employees add, edit and maintain their attributes via Self Service, giving them ownership of their personal development

• When the leaders of tomorrow are identified, CloudCube supports you to plan their learning and development to achieve 100% match between their attributes and the open positions’ attributes

• Succession planning with CloudCube and Campus will help employees move into leadership roles quickly and comfortably. Once in new leadership roles, your employees are also more likely to be productive and may be less likely to leave than when they are rushed through training and into the new position

Does CloudCube deliver I want a tool that helps my organisation schedule resources effectively and efficiently ?

• Employees will check the Availability chart of their team/department before booking time off
• Employees and Managers are encouraged to discuss time off together and at an early stage
• Data available at the click of a button in a clear calendar format
• Managers see in a calendar view, who in the team/department is off work allowing them to schedule work smartly and resource task effectively
• Colour coded absence types help managers take the right decision in case of resourcing issues i.e. canceling external training, asking employees to move a holiday, etc.

Does CloudCube offer a facility to publish Company Announcements that my staff across our locations can see?

• Regular communication with the staff is at the heart of the psychological contract and is essential to share strategy, key achievements, good news and not so good news, etc. that will influence positive morale, pride and engagement

• Company announcements will be shown on Self Service landing page – all staff see them instantly, even those on the road

• HR managers and Senior managers will have access to the Control Centre where the announcement will be uploaded from, and then made available for all staff members to see

• Announcements can be made to a specific departments or to the whole company so you decide what is communicated to whom

• Smartflow can be setup to inform managers who hasn’t read the announcement – gauge interest and encourage managers to discuss this point with individuals

Can I see Who’s Who in my organisation globally, in one click of a button; this will save my time scrolling through a vast amount of emails?

• All employees will fill out mandatory contact information, such as business email address and business phone number; any further information such as personal mobile number and address are optional

• The employee will decide what information they want published on the Company Directory, in addition to the mandatory information

• Employee’s profiles have a picture so you know who is who instantly

• Users can quickly filter down the search to locate the information needed more rapidly

• There is one single place on the system to look for contact details or clarify job title rather than contacting another person

• Users access the Company Directory whether in the office, travelling, at client site, as long as they have an internet connectionals

Does CloudCube offer a way to protect my business in mitigating the risk of tribunal claims for unfair dismissal or constructive dismissal claims?

• Employees and Manager have access to the Company’s Employee Handbook on the system, which sets out acceptable behaviours and expectations on the part of the employees and relevant policies

• Issues are addressed at a very early stage:
– Performance management: capture agreed SMART objectives and assess performance against these on a regular basis, allowing the identification of shortfalls at an early stage. Keep a record of discussions, redressing actions, training plans agreed
– Absence management: helps manager maintain accurate record of staff absence; Smartflow triggers notification in case of long-term absence or repeated absences allowing immediate effective action
– Regular 1:1s between employee and manager scheduled with Meeting Manager: the perfect platform to discuss conduct/ behavior issues promptly so a bad habit doesn’t become the norm and also a platform to discuss concerns that the employee has.
• With CloudCube, you build an accurate and fair picture of your employees’ employment life underpinned by meeting agenda and minutes, performance recording, absence discussions, etc.

I want all of my employees’ information and data available at the touch of a button- Does CloudCube do this?

• CloudCube allows you to capture a vast amount of personal information, all relevant and compliant with Data Protection legislation e.g. personal details, next of kin details, medical history, employment and contractual terms, pay and benefits

• With the integration of the employment information management with other modules of CloudCube, you need to update only one place when employee information changes and you have access to meaningful reporting and analysis capabilities at all times

• With our Smartflow functionality, CloudCube automatically notify you in case of key events (e.g. end of probationary period, age and national minimum wage, change of home address, bank details, etc.) and remind you if actions have not been performed

• Key and essential employee information capture can be done by HR anywhere at any time and from any support, and employees themselves complete their personal information via Self Service at their own time and convenience – all that is required is an internet connection

I want my business to increase productivity, save time, operate in multiple locations, support remote workers, meet compliance requirements, reclaim office space and that from one single place

• Storing all employment documents, irrespective of their format, including word-processing files, emails, PDFs, images and spreadsheets onto the Document Library
• Restricting access ensuring your organisation complies with Data Protection legislation and maintain the confidentiality of data
• Monitoring who is viewing documents and when
• HR can search the entire library of files by individual keyword
• Controlling and regulating when out-of-date documents can be deleted
• Your staff, management and HR can access documents required at any time, from anywhere as long as an internet connection is available

I want to manage employee leave, for example Holidays, Maternity, Paternity etc, I need to reduce the administrative burden on my HR team and managers

• Employees can enter a request at any time anywhere, from any mobile device

• Managers can then at any time and any location (with connectivity) see the request and approve or reject this

• The leave function allows managers to see all employee leave at a glance, for example holidays, maternity leave or paternity leave, meaning they can ensure they have minimal business impact

• How? Smartflow an automated engine that scans the database 24/7, it routes communication requests and information around your organisation – will monitor and manage holiday requests

• Smartflows are sent to managers, these will come through via email and can be accessed on any device at any time, as long as the user has connectivity

I want to empower my staff to manage their part of the employment relationship and accessing real-time information from anywhere, anytime

• Employees/managers can add reminders to the system to send the employee and or manager an email that will inform them to renew or update documents, for example, passport details, visas, criminal record checks

• This will be done using the smart flow function of the system which scans the system 24/7 for live data, monitoring any tasks that have been set and sending the owner of this a smart flow (email/SMS reminder) to carry out the task. For example, this can be set weeks, days or months before the employee must carry out the task

I want a system that provides me with strong analytics throughout helping the organisation to understand our employee cost base

• CloudCube comes with a generic suite of reports exportable on Excel, Word or PDF that are designed to provide you with the most common analytics used by an HR department and Line Managers

• The system allows you to create and customise your own reports to give you exactly the information you required as and when you want them

• You can export reports onto smart graphs to create customised dashboards and impress your teams!

• Our Smartflow functionality can be set up to provide you with the required reports on a specific frequency e.g. absence reports on a monthly basis is automatically sent to your inbox or your monthly KPIs are automatically exported from the system and sent to your Senior Management team

I want a system which picks out attributes of candidates and matches them to roles recruitment

• Positions are defined by attributes, candidates will set their own attributes, the system will then qualify the candidate automatically, purely based on the attributes – no need to read every single CV received

• The system will generate a shortlist of candidates and adjust scoring criteria to build the short list you need to make interview decisions

• Using the smartflow function, managers will select the candidates they would like to interview and tick “invite for interview”, these candidates will automatically receive an email, those who have been unsuccessful will get an email stating they have been unsuccessful

How can CloudCube assist in Risk and Issues Reports – Including Risk Remediation Plans & Run Meeting

CloudCube will generate Risk Reports that can be configured to report by Risk Score, Target Resolution Date, Portfolio, Programme or Project amongst other views facilitating exceptions management at all management layers.

CloudCube will automatically distribute reports ensuring team (managers and users) are aligned with most recent information, and decisions are based on factual information at all levels

CloudCube will consolidate Risk/Issue reports by owner/assignee eliminating the need to locate items from within various projects/ programmes

CloudCube will Integrate with our Meeting Manager Software enabling efficient management of Risk: –
– Risk Actions can be captured in real-time using the Run Meeting – they can be created/amended or closed
– Risk Records can be updated directly using the Run Meeting facility, negating the requirement to key in information outside of the Risk Meeting
– Risk Owners and Action Owners/Assignees are automatically notified of any changes once Meeting Minutes have been approved, ensuring all relevant parties are aware of their actions whether in attendance at the risk meeting or not
– Actions created automatically appear in the My Actions page in Self-Service for all Owners/Assignees giving the Risk Manager assurance that actions are clearly communicated and owned.

CloudCube will manage Risk Remediation plans in the same way as any other project plan – project team members with already be familiar with
milestone management and the milestone exceptions based reporting for effectively managing their plans

CloudCube will automatically send notifications when Risk Scores are amended, facilitates speedy escalation management

CloudCube offers actions delinquency reporting enables Risk Managers to effectively manage underperforming staff, and provide support where needed

CloudCube generates upcoming Actions Reports enabling the Risk Manager as well as Risk Owners/Assignees to proactively manage their work. on

I want a system that recommends to me the best candidates for my requirements

• Open positions are defined in terms of their required attributes (essential requirements) and uploaded on the system
• Candidates apply for an open position via CloudCube Recruitment Portal; part of the application, they must record their personal attributes (skills, technical knowledge, behaviors and characteristics)
• CloudCube automatically identifies the candidates whose attributes are the closest to the required ones and pre-select candidates based on this objective and fair comparison
• The system will generate a shortlist of candidates to allow you to make interview decisions
• Using the Smartflow function, managers will select the candidates they would like to interview; these candidates will automatically receive a pre-defined invitation at interview email. Meanwhile, unsuccessful candidates will be declined by Smartflow, significantly cutting down your recruitment administration

I need to ensure that every cost associated with a portfolio, programme, project, plan or task is tracked, captured within a budget and ticked back to expense claims, payments, cash advances or invoices.

How CloudCube Manages Project Budget – Spending within a project/programme cannot exceed the budget of the parent programme/ portfolio without an exception report automatically sending to senior management for escalation

How CloudCube Manages Project Expenses – Expense claims can be raised by each project
resource and assigned to the tasks that they have allocated time to

How CloudCube Manages Project Payments – Payments created within a project are subject to an approval process before the money is deducted from the budget

How CloudCube Manages Forecast Planning – Budget forecast planning allows management to easily see if all spends were approved, how much of the budget would be remaining and therefore the likelihood of delivering on time and within budget

How CloudCube Manages Budget Reporting – Budget reports are available at every level, enabling users to view which projects are running the highest cost, and which projects are under budget – re-allocation of budget based on the cost to deliver

How CloudCube Manages Project Timesheets – Raise timesheets against tasks within a project in order to break down the time and cost spent on a project/ programme to the lowest level of granular detail

I need Upcoming Milestones Reports to allow management and users to focus on the items which are due to be delivered, resulting in focused meetings discussing when the targets will be achieved – time saved in meetings can be spent on delivering tasks

CloudCube will send automatic notification of overdue milestones via Smartflow.
This consolidates all items allocated to a user in one concise report eliminating the need to locate items from within various projects/ programmes
– Binary information, tasks are either overdue or they are not
– Management and users have the same report, can focus on same issues, agree on focal points
CloudCube will automatically distribute reports, generated from one data source, ensures the team are aligned with most recent information, thus decisions are based on factual information at all levels

I need a solution that integrates easily with Microsoft Project

CloudCube Integrity of the plan- After the MSP is imported into the system, updates are managed with CloudCube and then written out to the MSP when required. This means that there is only one golden source and one version of the plan. Users can only update milestones/tasks that they have permissions to, meaning that the updates are managed

CloudCube Change Requests – Key milestones & critical path milestones can be flagged as requiring a change request to be approved before they are changed – this helps to maintain the integrity of the plan

CloudCube Import – Ability to import from MSP means that any existing plans that a customer may have can be included in their portfolio – no data is lost

CloudCube Export – Ability to export to MSP enables the Project Manager to continue to use all MSP features, and gain all the benefits of the CloudCubeProject Module.

CloudCube Robustness of plan – Microsoft Project Plan is more robust because it is managed through the CloudCube system. The automated reporting and chaser notifications help to ensure that the plan is kept up to date, delinquent milestones are identified quickly and upcoming milestones are proactively managed, so that when the MSP is published, it is in the best health it can be.

I need a Travel Management solution that greatly reduces the amount of time individuals in our organization spend on monotonous administrative tasks

Our Travel and Expense solution allows individuals to only need to enter the information once and this will be replicated across integrated features
Our Travel and Expense solution allows managers to benefit from initially setting up different levels of allowances as employees join their firm. This initial data capture will reduce the time for Managers as they will not have their time wasted by viewing irrelevant/ erroneous requests
Our powerful Smartflow engine notifies managers when a new Travel Request has arrived – Managers, therefore, do not need to waste time by repeatedly checking the system for new Travel Request submissions
Our Travel and Expense solution automatically creates the Expense Batch For repetitive trips, our travel and be.

I need a Travel Management process that guides my organization towards a paperless office

The entire travel process can take place within our system which means that there is no need for paper documents to be circulating the office
Employees submit their Travel Requests via their Self Service and submit them to their Manager
Employees can upload Word docs, PDF docs etc (straight from the vendor’s website) against a Travel Request if it is out of policy
The Employee’s Manager approves the Travel Request on the system which validates the trip and allows them to book.
All trips past and present will be available to view for employees through their Self Service and for Managers via the Control Centre, thus ensuring a paperless audit trail
Our system can generate valuable reporting capabilities for Travel Requests and export them straight into PDF or PowerPoint presentations, keeping all information on the PC. Managers can effectively monitor the Travel

I need a Travel Request process that allows for efficient & effective itinerary Management

Employees can capture their various Membership details within Self Service such as British Airways Executive Club details, Hertz Car Rental etc.
Whenever employees set their Travel Vendor in their Travel Request form, CloudCube will automatically generate an itinerary for them, which will display their Membership details along with all of their travel information.
Employees can print their itinerary at any time and will have access to it via their Self Service, which can be viewed on their mobile, tablet or PC. Once the entire travel journey has been completed, their itinerary will be archived in the system. This will ensure only active itineraries are viewable on the itinerary page and will reduce any confusion between travel itineraries.

I need staff in my organisation to travel and be able to access meeting information from anywhere.

CloudCube allows staff to access Self Service 24/7 to view and manage their actions and upcoming meetings.
CloudCube allows meeting owners and administrators to view and update full minutes for every historic meeting they have security clearance for in the Run Meeting page.
CloudCube deploys Smartflow e-mails periodically detailing meeting actions and decisions. These can be downloaded prior to boarding a flight (or an any other period with no internet connection) and read in detail later.
CloudCube allows meeting minutes to be re-exported to PDF on the Show Meetings page at any time and printed to read when no mobile devices are available..

I want to reduce the time spent doing administration around the meetings in my organisation.

Meeting Manager significantly reduces the administrative burden by automating the mundane tasks and storing crucial information for future use. Not only does our software increase efficiency but it also ensures all requirements are complete in the most effective and non-discriminatory manner.
In preparation for the meeting, a meeting room can be booked via the Room Booking Facility, which enables rooms to be booked well in advance and secure the desired location. Meeting Manager will not let you book a room with a capacity less than the number of attendees or a room already reserved for another meeting in your organisation.
Meeting Manager not only holds important information about the room (e.g. capacity, available technology, accessibility) but also attendee information (e.g. contact details, dietary requirements, disability requirements) and the meeting organiser can be notified of any conflicts with a meeting room based on this criteria.
Meeting Manager ensures each meeting’s agenda is automatically generated based on previous meetings in a series. This is distributed to attendees automatically via Smartflow before each meeting, ensuring all participants are fully aware of the purpose and expectations.
Meeting Manager ensures attendees are reminded of their required attendance and open actions prior to every meeting via Smartflow. Attendees can update their “propose to close” actions on Self-Service meaning managers don’t have to spend time “chasing” people for updates.
Automatically generated meeting minutes save hours of preparation. The attendance list (including each individual’s job title), agenda, agenda results, and open actions are all included in a professional format. Minutes are automatically distributed to all participants (whether they were present or not) post meeting via Smartflow or they can be exported from the Meetings page at any time.
Smartflow reminders are sent after each meeting to inform and remind attendees of key decisions and actions which can then be monitored and tracked.
Minutes can be set to be automatically approved, or a notification sent to the meeting approver requesting this to increase time efficiency.

I want to ensure the invitees actually attend the meetings and to be able to track and record the participation patterns in my organisation

Meeting Manager sends Smartflow notifications automatically to remind staff ahead of each meeting they are an
attendee of. The content of these reminders is fully configurable enabling a line or two in the automatic email highlighting the importance of the upcoming meeting. The dates, time and frequency of such reminders are tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.
Self Service will display upcoming meetings every time a user logs in to ensure the invitees are always reminded of their upcoming activities.
Meeting Manager builds a database which can be used to spot trends in meeting attendance and activity.
Analysing the ratio of decision makers and the actions they own can provide valuable information and possibly identify
passive participants who do not need to attend the meeting and may spend the time on other value-adding activities.
This can save your organisation both time and cost while ensuring no resources are wasted.
Meeting minutes include an absence/apologies section increasing visibility within the company or department of frequent non-attendance.
Meeting Manager ensures a list of staff, as well as their nominated delegates, can be set up and their attendance for each meeting is captured for every meeting.
Meeting Manager allows parameters to be set to decide if a meeting is quorate or not based on certain participants being present in the Set Up Meeting page. Decisions are not valid at non-quorate meetings.
Meeting Manager allows attendees who cannot attend meetings to still be assigned actions on the Run Meeting page and will receive notifications of these via Smartflow.

I want to increase our meetings productivity and ensure the right people attend, participate and take the actions out.

Meeting Manager automatically creates agendas from a Meeting Series (including a time allocation and owner for each point) and ensures no key items are missed. Agendas can be edited as required to accommodate weekly changes. Agenda Point Owners indicate who should lead the discussion and confirm any actions and decisions. The time allocation helps keep the meeting on track ensuring all topics are visited.
People are quiet in meetings for different reasons. Some people are reticent by nature. Others are fearful that their opinions will be ridiculed and dismissed. Some are not comfortable speaking if they don’t know for sure who everyone is. While no software can deal with all of these issues, ours can help at least with part of it. Meeting Minutes automatically generate not only the names, but also each person’s job title which can be helpful for guests or new members of staff to understand the context of discussions and make the attendees feel more familiar and confident.
Your meeting attendees can do all the hard work to reach a decision, but if it’s not recorded, the fruits of their labour are lost. Our system allows to capture the discussion points and actions that come out of them, in real time and distribute the complete and standardised set of Meeting Minutes as soon as the meeting is over. This ensures that maximum information can be captured before it gets forgotten and all the attendees and invitees get the same full copy to confirm the results of the meeting.
Meeting Manager ensures previous meeting actions, decisions, and information can be quickly found by the administrator in the Run Meeting pages preventing disruptions and ensuring the follow ups can be done efficiently.
Meeting Manager builds a database which can be used to spot trends in meeting attendance and activity.
Analysing the ratio of decision makers and the actions they own can provide valuable information and possibly identify
passive participants who do not need to attend the meeting and may spend the time on other value-adding activities.
This can save your organisation both time and cost, while ensuring no resources are wasted.